A Bit of Business

Is It Possible to Bring a Spiritual Perspective to Doing Business?

I want to clear up any confusion I might have inadvertently caused.

Here are the facts: Just today I made it possible for subscribers to pay a subscription fee to me for my newsletter, BUT ONLY IF THEY WANT TO AND CAN AFFORD TO!

I have offered my astrology newsletter free of charge for the past 20 years, and I will continue to do so for the next 20 years at least.

If, however, you are sufficiently prosperous and feel comfortable about donating money to me, I welcome it. Please know, though: I am TOTALLY FINE if you don't donate.

If you would like to donate to my cause:

1. Sign up as a paying subscriber here on my newsletter.

2. Visit my Gift Page — https://paypal.me/GiftsForRob — and contribute to me via the "Friends and Family" option.

3. Commit to offering me a regular donation through my Patreon page at https://Patreon.com/FreeWillAstrology

4. Buy my Expanded Audio Horoscopes and/or Daily Text Message Horoscopes. Go here: https://RealAstrology.com

P.S.: Absolutely no pressure, though! I understand that some of you don't have enough money yourself, and it wouldn't make sense for you to give some to me.

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Here’s some other news: My astrology newsletter will continue to be delivered to you free of charge every Tuesday morning, as it has for 20 years.

It will have all of the same features, including my weekly horoscopes, Pronoiac Resources, a host of other writing by me about philosophy, psychology, spirituality, poetry, and politics, and the wise words of authors I admire.

I am also considering the possibility of sending additional features on other days, with material akin to what I send out in Tuesday’s newsletter. I did this earlier today, when I sent you “Everything Is an Experiment.” Again, this stuff would be free. No subscription fee required or expected.

I am further considering doing a whole additional kind of newsletter—tentatively titled “The Beauty and Truth Lab Newsletter,” which would indeed be for paying subscribers only.

Among the possible stuff that would be in this new feature would be serialized excerpts from my 14 upcoming books (yes, I have been literally working on 14 books), podcasts and my music, Q & A with me, and other things I’m still fantasizing about.

If you have any ideas about features you might like to see in this new publication, please let me know.

For many years, I have been writing effusively on thousands of topics on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While I don’t plan to abandon those platforms, I do want to shift my focus here to my Substack newsletters.

I welcome any feedback you might have!

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