Please note that my previous comment was for prayer warriors and other related parties.

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So I was looking for the prayer warriors and things have changed around here. Wasn't having much success then I saw this.

Rob, you have a wonderful connection to goddess. This'll do. I'm gonna lay it down here as if they were here too.

And her

Look. I get this whole 'Learn this and that and here and oh isn't that interesting too!' thing. I do. Interest is what you want. That's your thing. And another thing, I don't do things that don't interest me so how about you drop that one off. I want you to be a good idea for me. That's what I want for my own life.

Running around isn't what I was talking about. Being mister fix it isn't. Being a big fan, totally not interested. I've got projects and stuff. I'm BUSY.

There are some stupid fucking bitches in my way and my business. No, I don't need it. And I'm talking about the other stupid fucking bitches, your own place is a separate matter here.

FUCK THEM. Euthanitoi euthanasia near me, ground zero fucks given. I'm not tryna deal with whores like that. You see hoes like that in my life? NO, you do not. Why? Because I do not want it. And yah because I will wreck a stupid bitch.

You see them making it hard to get the fuck on down the road from my house? NO, they move the fuck along. These other stupid fucking whores that came in with the mental break, no difference.

This is their eviction. No, not notice. Eviction. Better. Better than them. They don't need to play stupid goddamn games with me to show me they know how. That's a death sentence, not a job resume or proof. Period. That can be lifesavers but I don't want it in my office. Who the fuck they think I am, the problem? Competition? Or just a easy one?

No. Fucking no. Handle it. Erase them, concentration camp their asses, write them up, I don't care about it. Just handle it. Better. You can do better than that. So do it.

I don't want lessons. I'm totally busy. Not interested in becoming everyone's favorite thing, don't give a crap about the new world, and im not here to learn from you guys but you can do that for you and me. What the hell I want to learn to do it when you already know? PFT!

And now you are in the middle of this. Yes, it's your turn now. Your the stupid fucking bitch front and center.

Where the fuck are they?

Yes, you know what I mean. Where's my stuff. Fuck no to the games, over it. Step up, deliver. I'm one stupid bitch game past that kind of thing.

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Unconditional acceptance

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Pretend to be dead for some days

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