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Rob I agree with Saeed. Honey is AWESOME. Here's a poem I wrote in It's honor~

The poem was written during a weekend workshop with John Fox, Founder of the Institute for Poetic Medicine. His book is, "Poetic Medicine: The Healing Art of Poem-Making".

Better still, visit my blog, where like you, I found beautiful images to illustrate and compliment the words.


Hello and love to Roe.


Fresh poetry

I Am

warm amber honey

sweetening and holding all phenomena in my golden light.

Thick and sticky, refusing to give in

to your efforts to pull away and separate from me.

I cling while you squirm,

and hold you fast until the rich chemicals of my Being have seeped into your pores…..

Changing you forever.


Now, you have been infected too.

Previously distasteful, transmuted into the delicious.

Requalified energy, refined and made wholesome useful matter.




An alchemical blend~

Magic wrought in Nature

not in the lab.

I Am

warm amber honey

sweetening and holding you in my golden light.

The Power of the Holy Trinity

has done It’s work,

and you are saved.

Be still .......... and Accept your Healing


The three images below are: Beekeeping (left), Bee and Sedge (a plant) right, and Pouring honey (below).

Honey has been used in wound healing and body care for thousands of centuries. Dating back as far as 6,000 BC references have been found on the use of honey in wound healing. During World War I, Russian soldiers used honey to prevent infections and to accelerate healing. The healing properties of honey can be described as:

- Anti-bacterial activity

- Anti-inflammatory activity

- Stimulation of healing

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I just read your Pisces advice for this week, and guess what, this here girl-fish was talking to a frog just this morning!

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