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Dear Rob, my husband's response after hearing this was you have to tell Rob Brezsny! So...earlier this week while getting ready for work I went back into my bedroom to make the bed.My eye mask( a magnetic one) was laying on top of the pillow and next to it was a small rectangle as I looked closer(no glasses on) I was taken aback by the straightedge razor with it's cardboard cover still on attached to the mask. In the middle of the sleepless night I pulled out the mask from my bedside drawer and just put it on, all with eyes closed not knowing that the straightedge was attached all through the night! My husband had been repairing our ceiling from Hurricane Henri so I thought he left tools behind but he has a Virgo moon like me so not likely... I'm an Aries with a Taurus ascendant and Virgo moon. My husband Peter Cohen and I adore your wise words, forecasts and oh so uplifting newsletter. Fans for Life

love, Mary and Peter (fyi we are both Artists) :) any thoughts?

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