Love all this post, love the dream-story, thank you 🙏

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Your weekly posts always make my week better. Thank you!!

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I have been studying phi lately. The symbol itself is both the male and female combined. The feminized (Lower case) version is an incomplete circle that goes with in after circling around.

To be able to hold two contradictory states as true and possible at the same time is a lot easier than most people think. And honestly explains most people's personalities. You will see as some one who loves you, turns you into a demon and unleashes every nasty thing they've ever put in their private hell upon you the first moment you might suggest you aren't slavishly devoted to their world views and ideals. This relationship dynamic is common (happens more than 50% of the time). And some how, peoples minds and hearts allow them to feel like doing this to people is okay.

Similarly the "fight" between light and dark is much the same. As I have noted in my own musing on facebook and in my journal. If you are not with them, you are against them. I have stopped thinking in terms of "good and bad" There is service to self and service to others. (These ideals are easily quantifiable, good and evil are just abstracts.) I feel these terms more accurately define the two states, and how people process them. Either you believe you are connected to everything and you help others (Most don't act on this, so they don't despite what they say, and people who lie to themselves are the easiest to delude.) or you do not, and you only help yours and your immediate bubble, and generally in such a way as to create a deficit with them and a profit for yourself. An unequal energy exchange. Parasitism.

Of course, the extra confusion comes in when people want to reconcile being all one, but also being able to be taken advantage of, by themselves. But, if one understands that there is really many Russian nesting dolls of reality couched with in each other. Similar to how there are whole worlds and ecosystems with in our body to have drama and importance that we only tend to regard when it effects our ability to carry out our dreams. As the God of my cells how should I act?

On that note, we are also the casual GODS of the second dimension. We create, edit, copy, paste, and delete 2D living beings with out a regard for how it might effect them. To most they aren't even real.

But Sometimes I wonder what JRR Tolkien might say to Bilbo Baggins as his GOD and try to explain why Bilbo and Frodo needed so desperately to suffer? Would: "Because it was a useful story to help other's figure out their reality?" Be a good enough explanation?

Would such an explanation sooth us to learn if we find out we are just as puppet like to the 4D realm? To know it was all scripted, and you had not a bit of agency or actual unique or original thought, dream, action or life of our own?

What if all dimensions are actually that way? Pre scripted, with only the illusion of wiggle room and choice. "The Law of One states: The first illusion is free will." But then I also think it was Ra themselves that killed Carla and was the negative entity Ra described to her as an "Other". When your a soul collective, certain aspects of lying and personal identity can become very confusing for those not used to such concepts.

All that being said, I am glad I have had this Earth life, and this Earth existence. It has been a wonderful experience. I spent my formative years around some of the darkest souls known to human existence. I believe I was a Montauk boy. Some will understand what this means. Regardless. For all the torment I might have gone through or endured I have had a wild and wonderful ride. But as some one who's used to playing many characters, and have come close to those characters. I have also learned to let them go. Just as I have family and loved ones who have moved on.

Ironically. I do not want to live forever. This incarnation will take what it has done, and those who can tap into the Akash can review it and try to relive it at their leisure, as is their right. Other than that I'm peacing out into the Central Sun after this one. I need some rest. I need to not be drama and chaos and all that.

My life. My existence has been one where I was taken advantage of. It allowed me to see how deeply I could love, and of course just how dark I was as well. I have walked through many hells. Spent time doing time. Spent time running armys. Spent time healing those who were rejected and projected as monsters and became that just so their ego could survive. The amount of suffering needed to allow the upper branches to reach so "high" (How do you determine size in non-relevistic space anyway?) requires an unbelievable amount of suffering, fear, pain and torture, and I'm not sure how polarity can justify it.

I have described the 3D reality as really a 2D reality because people only see two choices, and always pick just one. In reality they are cyclopses. They can only see one way. To move from 2D to 3D you have to be able to see and utilize all aspects of the dimension bellow it. Mastery. Summation. "Enlightenment".

They transcend the octave, and move to the next fractal recursion that includes all the old, doubled and shifted. So those souls who think they are going to transcend to the next viewpoint with out being everything in the other viewpoint, do not understand dimensionality as well as they think they do. Further more, you could see why those in the next dimensional fractal would not want you doubling all your negativity and self serving behavior's and bringing it up to their co-created space.

Anymore than you want a homeless person smelling of their uncleanliness, wild, unpredictable behavior, and possible sudden freaks outs, up to your apartment to live with for the rest of your life.

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