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Came across this today in a poem by Andrea Gibson (https://poets.org/poem/chemo-room-i-wear-mittens-made-ice-so-i-dont-lose-my-fingernails-i-took-risk-today-write-down?fbclid=IwAR1VMxzxbz7WbBonL7JoKiVeWLby2A4Az7vz7P1DDtJq4Jtqd_Is6UvCxGw) and to me, it circled back to your newsletter today:

"Why did I go so long believing I owed the world

my disappointment? Why did I want to take

the world by storm when I could have taken it

by sunshine, by rosewater, by the cactus flowers

on the side of the road where I broke down?"

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