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Great Advices, Influences, Soul, he is an Astro Guru , White Magician, Esoterical Connector. MY scorpio , Hart Command Center and Mind is on a Good Path and Corrected, thanks to is Horo Writing and recently, during intense spiritual and mental turmoil , a AwesomeBuoy , event Boat ,for my Distressed Soul, thanks also to is Audio Read on that one. I had to purchase it to my friend to as she also needed hes Inspired Perfect Advice. And I'm very thrifty, but cannot deny that, it have Corrected and INTENSIFY my Real Self. Recommended.

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Rob, I have been reading your horoscopes weekly since I was a single 22 year old- actress wannabe in L.A.( 2001 )and listening to the audio expanded since 2005. Dare I say several BIG events that steered my path came from a few of those audios that spoke volumes to my soul.

Fast forward and a lot has changed, come and gone but you remain a steady.

It is uncanny how your abstract language and metaphors absolutely speak to what's happening with me at the time.

As a Scorpio, I am re-emerging into the realms of being more open hearted by choice and no longer by force from the part of my psyche that shames me for protecting myself as some form of egocentric narcissism. When you feel so intensely your whole life, eventually, you have to numb out or you'll go insane.

Feeling again for me is like

watching a flower bud begin to bloom-starting hard and closed -

gradually softening and opening ever so cautiously. I have considered man the disease of the earth for as long as I can remember but, it's not worth being angry about anymore.

I am reopening to love the world at large with all the flaws and all the fear.

Thank you for doing what you do.

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Thank you! So love those love quotes! I will go recite them to the mighty tree in my yard this morning.

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